Monday, August 27, 2007

Entrepreneur Days


We spent three days in Atlanta, Georgia at this year's Entrepreneur Days, hosted by Rhea Perry of Educating for Success. Our brains are on overload. After we got home Jeff and I went straight to bed (7 pm). lol I had registered for Joshua and I to go, but Josh opted out, so Olivia was going to take his place, because Jeff HATES sitting all day (and in this case all evening too)! BUT the day before we left Jeff said HE was going to be the one in the seminars. YHEAAAAA!!! He was so eager and willing. We both know that we need to change some things. The last two years of being self-employed have been great, yet incredibly hard. Neither of us is afraid to work, but when we feel like that is all you do and you are just keeping your head above water, you know something needs to change without compromising your convictions.

The topics at the conference covered a WIDE rage of possible directions, but mostly we were encouraged to continue to not give up the dream. The dream of not working at a 'go nowhere, do nothing' job. We want to work as a family. We want enough wealth to be able to GIVE MORE to those that are in need, we want to be able to take care of our parents as they are aging. We do have a larger goal, but we are silent about that right now, because we just need to pray and wait to see what the Lord wants.

Ask yourself, if you were a multi-millionaire,
what would you be doing?

It so neat, because after one of the lectures where this question was presented, I asked Jeff his was the same as mine :o) except mine was on a much bigger scale! Neither of our vision has to do with laying on a beach or buying more things! :o)

The next week or so I will post come quotes and ideas (vision) from our notes. One thing that has already been proven that we were reminded of at the Conference, is "When ever you make up your mind to take chances and that you are going to make a difference....BE READY because Satan will want to stop you." I know this to be painfully true! ugh! BUT I am trying to take every thought captive. :o)

Because we could only afford to pay for two people to go to the seminars, the girls stayed in the Sheraton Hotel (the conference was in the same place), including a nice pool and jacuzzi!!! Emma actually got to babysit for another couple there that had their 9 year old along, so that worked out nicely for her. :o) $$$ The girls were happy to live a few days with luxury. :o)

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