Monday, June 4, 2007

Those who oppose God's people advance the Kingdom!

Blessed were the protesters, for without them, the Creation Museum would not have been so big, Answers in Genesis leader Ken Ham said before the controversial building's ribbon-cutting on Saturday.

"The Lord directed us to this piece of property, right on a major freeway at a major interchange. And we decided to build a far bigger building (nearly 60,000 square feet), and a far bigger vision and a far bigger impact around the world - and I just want to thank, sincerely, the local secular humanist group."


Now THIS was exciting to read! (go here and look down on the right for the rest of the story, under Ribbon Cutting) We are hoping and praying that we can visit this museum when we travel to New York to see family this summer. We love Ken Ham and his work.

This story just goes to prove (once again) that God does work ALL things for HIS GLORY! Praise the Lord!

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