Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Clothespin Bag

I made this clothespin bag from a baby dress that I picked up at a yard sale for 10 cents. The neat thing about this dress is that it is a halter style and has elastic in the back, so it was incredibly easy to simply sew up the bottom (leaving the ruffle of the dress showing), and then triple tying the straps around the top of the hanger. The elastic in the back of the dress makes it easy to 'close' the pins in. This could be done with a T-shirt, or any other piece of clothing, by placing the hanger in the shoulders and sewing an opening.

Here is a quote by Nancy Wilson:
One time when my children were still very young, a woman stopped by for a visit. “How do you keep your house so clean?” she asked. I thought for a moment, and I remember answering, “I work really hard—all the time.”

That is so true! If you want to have a home, which is more than just a house, and you want it to be a place where relationships grow, a place of productivity, a place of education, a place of hospitality, and place where the Great Commission is carried out, just to name a few, then you DO have to "work really hard-all of the time." You may as well find purpose and joy in your work.


Rebecca said...

Great idea! The funny thing is..when my Little Miss was quite a bit 'Littler' she had that very same dress! I *think* I still have it though, packed away, in hopes that some more Little Misses are in our future...

Niki said...

That's a great bag/catch-all! I really want to learn how to sew goodies like that, you know, usables type thing. Things I will make and use throughout the year!