Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Supper Quilt

Olivia and I had a great day out today, just the two of us! First we went by our favorite thrift store, then to a tea room that we been wanting to try for was nice and over priced, but I did use a gift certificate, so that helped soften the blow. Then we went to a quilt show and it was FABULOUS!!! Even if you don't want to sew/quilt you can't help but to be impressed with the artwork of quilts! We walked away so inspired!!! Personally, I have SO MANY ideas swirling in my head.

THIS quilt was breathtaking! It needs to be in a museum somewhere, I'm sure that is where it will end up one day. A MAN created this and it has 51,816 squares in it! It measures 183"x67" Pictures do NOT do it justice!

Then we made a pit stop at Sams and came home to rest! I'm so glad God gave me daughters !!!

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