Monday, June 25, 2007

Lots of Prayer Request

Pray for Olivia

Olivia and I will be away for a few days while she is presenting her speech for State Congress in 4-H. She will competing in the persuasive category Tuesday, between 9-11, please pray for her during that time. She needs to be confident, yet humble. It is alot of pressure. Also, pray that the students and adults will really listen to message of her speech. Although she is suppose to be evaluated by the judges on her public speaking skills, during her last competition she received a "politically correct" judge that really hurt her score. Pray that she will receive fair scores.

We'll be home Wed. evening, win or loose it will be a great opportunity.

Pray for Production

We are ready to upload our first DVD for publication (I am SOOO EXCITED), but I've run into a couple of tecnical glitches and since Josh is not around to help me I am kind of stuck. Plus being away from the computer for a few days I'm REALLY on hold...someday I WILL have a laptop...well if it's God's will. ;o) So please pray that God will help me figure out what the problem is...I'm so close...


Pray for Joshua

Also, please pray for our son (19) who has chosen the broad path in life, rather than staying on the straight and narrow. It is incredibly painful, and yes I do fret, because I know he has serious (self-inflicted) pain ahead for him. He has really struggled the last couple of years with his faith, but I KNOW that he belongs to God, and that God WILL bring him back. It is God that I trust in. In the meantime the waiting is almost unbearable at times, but this is also causing me draw even closer to the Father, focusing on Him and not my circumstances. Please pray for Josh, that this time of wandering won't be too long, and the he too will truly cling to the Vine, his only Salvation!

Thank you!

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Dana said...

Lifting all of you up in my prayers.

Olivia's speech should be over by, how did she do?