Thursday, June 21, 2007

I've Got a Gun!

This is the blog of a daughter-in-law of a friend, of a friend of mine (some of you know them):

She has the most BEAUTIFUL pictures posted regularly! This morning I read this NEAT POST from her. What a great reminder not to fear but live boldly for Christ. You really need to go read the whole thing.

"Life is not about making sure we only go to a church where people homeschool, or wear clothes like we do, believe all the same things that we do... or any other thing like that. It's not about getting in our little cliques and only hanging with those who think like us... rejecting others.

"Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel!" That is our call. It doesn't say go into all the world and preach about 5 steps to this or 10 points to that to be godly... it says to preach Christ and him crucified. To tell of His love and of the wrath to come -- to give HOPE to the hopeless...

And there is no hope unless you've been hit by a "mack truck," as Robert puts it -- that's where Christ comes in and your life is forever changed."

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