Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Victorian Rose Pin~Tutorial

You will need:
Paper or Silk Flowers
Sheer Ribbon
Silk Leaves
Hot Glue
Self-stick Pins
Wooden Hearts

I bought a bag of assorted sizes of wooden hearts from Michaels
and the self-stick pins.
I love the look of the sheer ribbon. Cut a small strip, about 5-6", fold in half, one end being longer than the other. Twist the wire stem around the ribbon 2-3 times, cut the wire off.
Glue the ribbon/rose to one side of the heart.
I couldn't find any pretty paper leaves I liked so I just used the leaves left over from the topiaries that I made and cut small leaves out.
Glue them on the other half of the heart.
I made a bunch of these (40) for a party we having.
I just love the paper flowers so much more than the silk ones.

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