Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Smooth Path~E.Elliot

Life is all about trials and how God uses them in our lives to refine us and to bring glory to Him. Sometimes it is hard to remember that when you keep crashing into huge boulders that are in our path. :o)

This was my devotion this morning by Elizabeth Elliot:

A Smooth Path

The work of heavy highway equipment is to smooth the way for travelers by exalting valleys, making low the mountains and hills, straightening the crooked. Obstacles--trees, rocks, houses, even mountains themselves--are put out of the way. This is what the Lord can do for his travelers (it is promised by the prophet Isaiah), but He does it without fuss, and in response to the one who simply thinks of Him:

"Think of Him in all your ways, and He will smooth your path" (Prv. 3:6 NEB).

The mind can build barriers, produce huge obstacles, collide with boulders of impossibility. Strangely and wonderfully, when we turn our thoughts to Him with whom nothing is an impossibility (and to turn thoughts takes an act of will), He smoothes the path for us. We find it possible, maybe even easy, to move forward.

Don't waste time, energy, perhaps sleep-time, thinking of all those rocks in the way. Think of Him. Think of Him! You may find your path suddenly smoothed.

About a week ago I was so frustrated with circumstances that I was ready to give up. SERIOUSLY, I was ready to check out, not die, just run away. I was so tried of dealing with the same rocks in my roadway that I felt as if they will never be removed. To be honest, I hadn't had these feelings since my early 20's. I was even to the point that I didn't care if my actions pleased the Lord or not...scary I know! I knew what my REAL problem was, it wasn't the rocks, it was my perspective, I didn't even want to be on the path any more. :o(

Then out of pure desperation I decided to pray and fast, which also meant fasting from the phone and computer. I went about my duties all day, praying. The only one I told was Olivia so she could handle the kitchen for me.

By the end of the day it was truly remarkable how God changed my hard heart and gave me eyes to see the real problem, the problem of forgetting why I am here, what my purpose is. It's all about Him!

I shared this trial with a friend, and I was surprised that she too had been having the same struggle. As godly wives and mothers our pride keeps us from sharing our burdens with each other, not that we should whine to each other about every struggle, but I think we do need to be open enough to let others know when we are feeling overwhelmed. We NEED to be able to encourage each other to remember what our purpose really is. Sometimes when you are hurt or angry it is easy to loose site of that!

So PRESS ON dear friends!

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