Friday, April 6, 2007

Frugal Friday

My tip for Frugal Friday this week is Freecycle! I am on 2 list and we've gotten some good stuff. It is also a good way to freely give!

Here is the link for my county.

Check it out!


Tammy said...

I love Freecycle! When we bought our house, the previous owner left too much stuff about! It was mostly in good shape, but stuff that we didn't want around. We were able to Freecyle it instead of take it to the dump or save it up for a yard sale. We have gotten rid of so much through Freecycle! Most thrift stores don't take large items any more (at least not in our area), so it has worked out so well for us.

As far as getting stuff, I haven't done too much of that. I am not quick enough to get stuff. ;-)

The Cheerio Queen said...

I totally agree isn't freecyle AWESOME?? I belong to several in my area too. As a homeschooling mom it sure comes in handy. ;)

thanks for the tip


Sarah said...

Oh, how funny!! I came to your blog through Crystal and that is my freecycle group too!!! I just joined a couple weeks ago. I'm near Oneonta.