Tuesday, February 20, 2007

ONE of the wonderful blessings of living in the south is that you can
enjoy daffodils on cold February day!!!

I've been sick the last few days, but not near as sick as my friends have been. Here is a description her husband gave of their weekend trip...funny, but not funny:

We're back, at least to some degree. You know that feeling, no not the feeling of returning home, that feeling that so few of us ever get to enjoy. It's that feeling of taking your family to your (sister, cousin's, etc.) sister in law's, the one who has no children and 3 inside dogs and a moderate amount of advice. That feeling that, although you never serve your kids pre-packaged kool-aid in a bottle, it should be ok this time. That feeling of hearing that sound, you know, of a child in distress at midnight. Only this time it's red kool-aid on a goose down bed, and the bed is not your own. And for some reason it attacks the young and old first. Next its the mother in law and she now has the other bathroom and is in a violent way expelling previously enjoyed meals. Then it hits the spouse, the one that was taking care of the 5 yo with a problem at the other end, so quickly that we do not have enough clothes to change into. But there now needs to be laundry started, the sheets for the bed, the clothes for the 5 yo and something for the 3 yo to sleep in. But your spouse has now been taken in by the scourge. You set the 3 yo in the living room, go check on mom, and your 11 yo starts. Violently. It's been two hours and 5 have already been hit. The 3 yo starts back, nothing left to expel, but he insists he is going to die. And you left all your medications at home. And so it goes until about 3 a.m. At 6 you wake up to a battle scene. There are no sheets or blankets left that do not bear some scars of this battle. Those crying for medics are slowly returning to their sense but the scourge is not over. Your 15 yo now has suffered an attack and yes, your family has given it to the sister in law. That's the feeling I'm talking about. A gift that keeps on giving. You load everyone up and set the cruise on 90 and you are just praying you will be pulled over so you can have someone to tell.
So yes, we're back, at least to some degree; 4 hr 10 minutes from Mobile to the farm. I need to go, I think my stomach is rumbling.

So here I sit, counting my blessings of not being THAT sick!

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