Thursday, February 22, 2007


If you are not reading Amy's Humble Musings this week, you NEED to get over there and do so!

Here are a couple of points from today:

It’s maternal instinct to desire and nurture babies. We’re created for it; it’s basic biology. The problem is that our culture suppresses the natural urge and calls it unnatural. This is why I messed with nature, took synthetic hormones, and hung over a toilet for months. If I said, “I’m getting married and hope raise a family soon,” I’d likely be labeled “irresponsible” by my evangelical brethren; for the more fortunate, it’s possible to escape with just being weird.

After a few babies, reality sets in and the Christian mom begins to think that maybe everyone had a good point. This is really hard. She is knee-deep in Cheerios. The laundry has an unnatural smell to it. She’s knows the theme song to every show in the PBS morning lineup. Her husband gets to talk to people that are taller than his waist during the day and she feels jealous. The kids are crying, but when it’s quiet she is left with the thought, “How does doing THIS glorify God? And how in the world do I do this?!”

Our 21st-century homes do not have front porches. Quilting circles are only found in books. And the hospital nurse at your last delivery? She was 20. Her coaching consisted of asking every few minutes if you were ready for an epidural.

Has it really come to this? And if so, is it OK?

I don’t think it’s OK. I also think many women agree with me. We weren’t meant to do it alone. We weren’t meant to take our cues from the broader culture. We want to know that it’s OK to cross-the-line and have Baby #3 (on purpose). We want to raise them to love Jesus and not lose our minds at the same time. We want to know that our sacrifice means something, and at the end of the day, our pursuit of God’s glory made a difference.

This has brought tears to me this morning! I bought the lie of our culture (and self) and had my tubes tied. I had a tubal reversal 5 years ago. God has chosen not to give us any more babies and I am FINALLY to the point of accepting His will about that, but I truly ache for those Christians that do not see and understand the incredible blessings of a Godly marriage, home and family, with LOTS of babies! Now I am praying for Godly mates for my 3 children and LOTS of grandbabies!

Is there really anything more challenging or rewarding than raising children? It IS hard, especially if you want to do it right! Is there a career more fulfilling than spending all day with you children? Is there a car or house that can make you feel/know that you are doing a good job? Are our treasures earthly or eternal? At the end of life will it matter what I lived in, what I drove, what I wore, what company I made wealthy? What will matter is if I was faithful to God's command to be His daughter, Jeff's wife, the mother of his children....then the keeper of my home...and then reaching out to the needy... When doing all of that, who has time for a career?

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