Monday, February 26, 2007

It may sound silly and simple, but I LOVE to have a clean house and to prepare for guest. There is something about having your house in order and ready to serve that is so rewarding.

Yesterday the girls and I gave the house a good once over before our guest came for our book study. By afternoon the house was finished, the food was ready, and we had some Celtic music playing as I sat on the back porch in the sun and read over the chapter was wonderful!

Olivia brought in a handful of flowers she had picked and said, 'I'll trade you a kiss for a little bit of spring." Now how sweet is that?! I am so thankful our children are with us all day, everyday.

I made some whole wheat rolls and added some Italian seasoning for a special flavor.

I love practicing hospitality. The more I practice it, the easier it gets. The more I learn to relax and just enjoy it, the more I want to do it. Everything does not have to be perfect (it is hard for me to accept that!). A welcoming environment is more important than a beautiful house and extravagant food.

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