Monday, February 12, 2007

Fight or Flight

I read Amy's, of Amy's Humble Musings ,post today about Fight or Flight and it tied in with an experience I had today!

This morning I was reading Hudson Taylor to the girls and we came to the part where Hudson and his co-laborers went to a Buddhist Temple. They were shown a "holy man" that was WILLINGLY closed off from all of the world as not to come in contact with evil. He had only a small opening just large enough for a hand as his means for a little food and light. How sad! I stopped to make sure Emma was paying attention and that she understood the situation. Her comment was, "That's dumb, you protect your heart from wickedness, not lock your whole body away!" :o) It was one of those moments that reassures me that they are 'getting it'!!! Which is ONLY by God's grace!

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Shelley Jo said...

Don't you just love those moments??? I know I wonder all the time if my girls are "getting it." They aren't overly verbal about their faith. But when it does come out, I like what I hear.