Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Gift of Faithfulness

Have you been to Walmart the last couple of days? If so you know the card and flowers areas are covered up with people searching for a Valentine goodie. I love Valentine's Day, not the commercialism of it, but just the fun of doing something extra special for those you love. It adds a cheerful day to the dull drums of winter! I miss the days of our kids making their own Valentines.

This year I bought the girls a mug and candy rings,
and Josh a bag of red hots.
I wrote them each a little message.
I had this on the table this morning when they got up!

The funny thing is I'll buy a couple of little things for the kids and maybe a card for our parents, but I usually don't BUY much of anything for Jeff, and I EXPECT nothing from him, not because he's not high on my priority list, but because EVERY DAY is Valentine's Day for us. I am so secure in his love, and he in mine that Valentine's Day, Christmas, Anniversaries, and so on really aren't big deals. Jeff treats me like a Queen EVERY DAY, so how can that be out done? :o)

I haven't always been this way. I use to be very selfish, expecting grand expressions of his affections, but after 20 years of marriage I have learned the simple fact that he is FAITHFUL and always kind is the GRANDEST expression of love. I don't need flowers or anything else. All I need is to know that his heart is mine and mine his!

May God receive all the glory for our marriage.

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