Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Party in a Box

My brother just turned 40, he lives about 16 hours away. Because he and his wife live such hectic lives homemade goodies are a rarity. So I thought I would send him some pumpkin bread. I bought a package of of course, along with some black ribbon, a few funny, but mean birthday cards about his age, and a can of silly string. I blew the balloons up just a little and used them as packaging around the pumpkin bread, with hopes that it would not get crushed before the box got there. Thankfully it all arrived safe and sound! I also filled each card with lots of confetti, and then I threw a couple of hand fulls of confetti in the box, it clung to the balloons wonderfully! I'm glad I was not there to clean it all up! ;o)

I call this a party in a box.

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