Thursday, January 4, 2007

A Full Quiver, an ABC Report

I came across THIS this morning, which was pretty good. At least the reporter did not rip apart the family's comments, and they chose a 'normal' family.

The Birth of the Movement

Quiverfull is largely an American phenomenon, beginning with the release of the book "A Full Quiver" in 1989. There is no official organization, but in 1995, the Web site went online with just 12 subscribers — now there are more than 2,600. There are probably several thousand Quiverfull enthusiasts all over the United States right now — and the movement is believed to be growing.

I have to disagree with him right here. This so called "movement" did NOT start with 'The Full Quiver" book. It STARTED with Adam and Eve, and God's command. Yes, the earth is populated, but not overly as some would claim by their false statistics. Never in Scripture did God say to stop populating. And perhaps the so called movement is "growing" because Americans have figured out that the old paths as told in Scripture are right! Perhaps some Christian Americans are learning from the mistakes of the past couple of generations and seeing that a life full of THINGS is not fulfilling, and that building the Kingdom of God through families is God's primary way of doing things! Yes, evangelize, but don't neglect the FAMILY, the home!

If there is a grandmother to this movement, it's Nancy Campbell. Her magazine has been advocating this lifestyle for decades. Campbell explained why followers even have a problem with natural family planning or the "rhythm method."

"When we really stop and think about it, it's not natural," she said. "We have to go against the way that God designed our bodies. He designed them to be fruitful, so if a couple [doesn't] want to have children…they've got to do something to their body so it doesn't work the way God planned it."

What about simply not having sex?

"What married couple is not going to do that?" Campbell asked.


Here again, Nancy Campbell is NOT the grandmother of this movement, I'd say Eve is, along with Sarah and many others! :o)

Over and over I've heard, "God gave us common sense to control that area." Well, from what I have read in Scripture God says NOT to lean on our own understanding but in ALL our ways we are to TRUST Him!. Sex is good in the confines of a Godly marriage, and the rewards of the womb are a tremendous blessing!

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