Saturday, December 30, 2006

A Word of Caution About Resolutions!

Be careful what you ask for!!! This morning as I was mediating and praying I was trying to narrow down my list of resolutions to ones that really mattered and that I thought I could actually attain.

I decided that my number one area I wanted to work on was to be able to remain calm, confident in the Lord, and peaceful when 2007's trials come my way, instead of getting anxious and fearful, which is usually my first response when the Refiner's Fire gets turned up. Either that or I want to jump in and fix everything...make everyone know, be the Holy Spirit. I was feeling pretty good about things, thinking about past trials and how God was faithful to bring me through them. How silly I was not to just trust Him. I just 'knew' I was ready for the next battle, that I wouldn't flinch and that I was just going to enjoy this present peaceful time.


About an hour later Jeff called me with news of the next trail. Isn't God faithful??? lol... He is eager to show me again how He is God and I am not! Yeah...I flinched...yeah, I have been wallering in self pity a bit today....but I know my Redeemer lives. I KNOW He has it all under control. How do people manage without Him?

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