Friday, December 8, 2006

Hostess Gifts

The holiday party season is in full swing! A kind act of appreciation for your host can be ever so simple, yet speak a very big THANK YOU!

When giving a hostess gift do so discretely and not to draw attention, so that you won't make the other guest feel bad that did not bring something. If it is a food or drink do not expect it to be served at the party.

A host should try to open the gift in the presence of the giver, and be very grateful.

Keep in mind the host's interests. Do they like to cook, garden, etc...?

One of the best hostess gifts I ever received was this set of cloth napkins!

Here are a few ideas for hostess gifts:

A Small Plant
A Jar of Your Favorite Jam
A Beautiful Candle
A Special Book or Journal
A Guest Book
Chocolate is almost always a hit!
Spiced Nuts
A quick bread for the next morning's breakfast.
Flavored Coffee
A Crocheted Dishcloth
A Bottle of Wine
Hand Lotion
Cloth Napkins
A Potted Herb (with care instructions)

I think a small homemade gift is the best, but if you don't have the time or energy don't stress about it.

I keep a box with little gifts I pick up here and there, usually on clearance, along with some pretty ribbon or raffia. At the change of the seasons is the best time to hit the clearance racks for nice gifts. :o)

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