Friday, December 8, 2006

Gift Bags

Sew your own gift bags from fabric, or even old clothes. Above are gift bags I made from a velvet shirt Emma bought at a yard sale, she didn’t like the way it fit so I threw it in my stash of fabric. I used part of the shirt for some pincushions I made, and then today I made five small gift bags from it. Use a little lace or cord and it works wonderfully! In this one with the lace, I put a DVD. I have a much larger gift for one of my kiddos, so I used half of a flat sheet, and tied it off with a big velvet ribbon. We can save these bags for next year! No more wrapping paper to buy! Whoo hoo! I have a stack of upholstery squares (large samples) that will make wonderful sacks. The thrift store is a great place to buy great fabric also, so while browsing the racks look for good 'sack fabric'!

Then I was thinking I could do the same thing for shower gifts and birthday gifts. So now, I will keep my eye out for nice theme type fabric on the clearance racks, especially in a couple weeks when all that Christmas fabric gets marked down! :o) Lat year I made a bunch of bags that I gave out pumpkin and banana bread in, you don’t even have to sew a hem in the end, just tie it off.

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