Tuesday, December 12, 2006

For My Quilting Buddies and My Great Aunt Betty

While looking for a little inspiration, I came across THIS SITE that has alot of free patterns . Thought I'd pass it along!

I finally finished the second of the big challenge quilt I had. (I'm not sure if the links to my blog pages are working, I know they are not for my drop downs to the left...Blogger has been having some problems, and I haven't had time to mess with it.)

This week I am working on a memory quilt for my great aunt. She is 84 and she just finished her second battle with cancer. She still lives alone, drives (gasp!) and is sharp as a tack! ...well for the most part ;o) She is so funny! She is the opposite of my Grandmother (they are sisters), my grandmother is so meek and quiet, and my Aunt, wellllll lets just say she's not! lol... She's a real hoot! I hope to make one for my grandmother (age 82) next week. She will be coming to visit us from Upstate New York in a few weeks!!! I'm so excited. In the picture my grandmother and grandfather are to the left, and my great aunt and great uncle are to the right. They were both unexpectedly widowed within a few weeks of each other, 27 years ago.

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