Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas 2006

Joshua stopping to pose for a picture.

Granny in the apron I made her.
The girls bought Jeff a new saw!!!
He said he thinks he'll 'let' them work with him this next year too! $$$$$$ lol!
Quilted place mats and napkins I made for Mom.

Yes, our tree was pretty sad looking by this point. We cut it down along side the road, and only watered it once in 2 weeks. What is so cool is that our daughters have made a quite a bit of money this year working with their Dad, so they went crazy buying for everyone. They really enjoyed giving! I usually hang stockings for the kids, but this year Olivia and Emma filled stockings for me, Jeff and Granny!!! OH WHAT FUN! I think they will take good care of us when we are old.
Now that our children are older we don't have to get up so early to open gifts...or so I thought! Olivia came in my room this morning at FIVE AM, laid the 3 kid's stockings on my bed and said, "Mom here are our stockings for you to fill!" lol!
Josh now has his own place so he gets 'house things' he needs and clothes!!!
I said "Welcome to the adult gift world!" In this picture he received wash cloths and ice trays...heee heee One of his comments yesterday was, "The bummer about living on your own is you have to do everything for yourself!" LOL!!! I think he misses his sisters and mom!
Emma was thrilled to get a cowboy hat and guitar.
Olivia who LOVES to cook, got the roasting pan and some cooking supplies.
Olivia and Emma did all the cooking and served us....
well, Olivia did most of the cooking, but Emma made a mean green bean casserole.
My baby boy.
Olivia was threatening Josh's life if he picked out of the pan ONE MORE TIME!!!

Our Christmas Day ended with a surprise visit by our oldest, who has chosen the broad path for the past 6 years. She is 5 months pregnant and needs lots of prayer.

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greasy joan said...

I'll pray for your oldest. Merry Christmas, Kathy, and what a beautiful family you have!