Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Holiday Hospitality
Part 2

I have a friend that is a mail carrier, and another friend that use to be one, both have said it is a rough, dirty job. As a child I remember my Grandmother's mailman (Freddie), he was like a part of the family. He was so friendly, would bring packages up her long driveway and chat a few minutes...always going the extra mile to serve. Then he retired and she got a new mailman, he was the complete opposite (if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all)!

Our mail carrier, or any regular delivery people, are a great opportunity to show hospitality to. Occasionally we leave a package of cookies, or bread in the mailbox for our carrier. The kids will usually run out to get packages and she is always sweet to our lab, who thinks her tiers are black squirrels that need to be caught. You can read how doing this simple act made a difference this summer. (Please pray for our regular carrier, Glennie, she has cancer.)

Last week a friend of mind told me how she made her mail carrier a cup of hot cocoa and met her with it when she was a cold nasty day! Now isn't that sweet?!

People do talk, and not only gossip ;o)...but they do talk about unexpected kindness that is showed to them. This builds a good reputation for you and your family, which allows you to point to Christ when people take notice. We are different because we have the Holy Spirit prompting us to do good deeds, to glorify our Heavenly Father. Simply pray and LOOK for those ways you can be a blessing to others.

Other Ideas

Take goodies to:
Post Office
(both places are known for their 'grumpy' servants, but you'd be amazed how a little undeserved kindness softens their hearts)
Fire Department

Have goodies ready for :
The Pizza Deliveryman
The UPS man

One year Emma made little cards for her favorite people at Wal Mart. Guess that means we are there too much if we know people on a first name basis. :o/ My point is she loved doing it and she blessed others.

Ask God to show you someone you can serve through little acts of hospitality.

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Dana said...

I love these ideas! My 3-year-old is always drawing pictures for the doctor, her Sunday School teacher, basically anyone she comes into contact with. I think we'll make some treats and pass them out one day close to Christmas. What a great way to encourage her to be gracious towards others!

Dana in Indiana