Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Filet Crochet Names

These are 4 names that I have been working on for months (crochet). I did them as a trade for Mary Kay! :o) I am part of an online trading group, but this is the only trade I've done this year.
I was very active a couple of years ago, but this year I've been too busy learning new things!

I made one with our family name, framed it and it won second place at our county fair this year!

Right now I am working on the biggest challenge I've ever had. A neighbor has an old quilt that her kids (2 of them) grew up with that is a favorite. Now the 'all grown up children' are 'debating' who is going to get the quilt. So their parents have asked me to recreate TWO of them. These will be their big Christmas gift this year. So I have spent the past month looking EVERYWHERE for fabric for a close match. It is also an unusual pattern, so this is a real challenge!

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Tammy said...

Those are gorgeous! I've never done filet crochet. I started a few projects, but I can't remember why I stopped working on them. =)