Thursday, October 5, 2006

Decorating Children's Rooms on a Budget

The Sparrow's Nest will be coming out with an e-book, Creative Children's Rooms on a Budget. I thought I'd share what I did in Olivia and Emma's room. Olivia and Emma have very different personalities, which makes it a challenge to decorate when they share a room. Olivia is a very feminine, Victorian, froo-froo type. Emma loves horses, cats, outdoor type of things. This has worked well for us. Emma's side of the room has her horse figures and such. Olivia has spent more time 'accessorizing' her room.

This is Olivia's side, she loves hats, all from yard sales or the thrift store. They are hanging on a plate rack. I bought them matching quilts on clearance at Khols. She dried and arranged her own dried flower arrangement. I made a ribbon canopy and paper clipped silk flowers to frame her bed. I used a staple gun to attach the ribbon to the ceiling.

I bought this dress form at the thrift store for under $5, she loved it!

I painted God's word over their door and across their walls with butterflies.
All the Scriptures I put on their walls were about growing up to be Godly women.

Along the baseboards I painted daises and bumble bees.

Using the computer I designed them each a copy of their first and second name with the meanings. This was printed on pretty pink, 'texture-looking' paper. I used some pressed flowers to embellish them, and then framed them with frames from yard sales.
Emma's side! Her favorite accessories are her horses and a picture of her and her dad!


devildogwife said...

Wow! I love how you did the scripture with the butterflies. How long did that take you and how did you do it? It's looks beautiful!

Kathy, Jeff's wife said...

Thank you! It did not take long at all. I did it all in a day and then went back and did some touch ups the second day. I just free handed it,except the butterflies, I used a sponge.

Thanks for visiting!

Headmistress, zookeeper said...

That is beautiful. I like the tip for the hats, and I love the way your two girls' two personalities are given expression in their very different ways (I have a horse girl, too).