Monday, September 25, 2006

Flat Whole Wheat Bread?

I think I have finally figured out why my bread keeps coming out flat! I grind our wheat and use the bread machine for the mixing, kneading and first rising, and it rises wonderfully! When I knead it a second time and put in a loaf pan it rises very well, but then when I bake it flattens out on top...pretty frustrating!

I bought some vital wheat gluten and used a little less yeast and it seems to have helped. smells so good, and taste even better. I added some Thyme to a couple of the loaves. Now to control myself to one slice a day!

I am making a few loaves to put in the dishes I am returning to people that brought us meals after my surgery, along with 'fall looking' thank you notes I have made!
Just give me some pretty paper, scissors, glue and makers and you won't see me for hours! :o)

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