Wednesday, August 2, 2006

A Fun Way to Make Money

I just wanted to throw out another money making idea!

Every year our family enters as many items in our local county fair as we can. We enter items in baked goods, vegetables, herbs, canned goods, crochet, quilts, art, wood working, photography and more.

Both of our girls are active in 4-H and there is an Individual Exhibit where they choose their own display to make. First place for this is $60. Olivia won 3rd place last year and that brought her in $30! We try to use items and information that they have colleted throughout the year so there is not much money invested in the display.

This is one of the pictures Olivia entered last year.
All through the year we think of items to make to enter, but also keep mind of how we can use that item as a gift after the fair. Most categories have a youth division. Last year my 14 year old won $96, my 11 year old won $23, and I won $58. My husband entered one item, a birdhouse and he won first place and $7. It all adds up. Our goal use to be to earn enough prize money to cover our entrance to the fair, but now the children couldn't care less about the rides and are there to compete in the exhibits. :o) It's fun! It keeps us motivated, and the other exhibits inspire us!

Just thought I'd throw that idea out there as we approach County Fair season.

Too bad they don't have a division for blogging! ;o)

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