Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Government Education IS Socialism

Why aren't the people that are all bent out of shape about the government take over of the health care system (which I am one of them!!!), upset about about government education?

Why is one socialism and the other not?

They are both socialism!

When it comes to government education we have had a few generations of accepting this as a constitutional right, when it is not.

Why in the world should I pay for others to send their kids to institutions, to teach things that are not true? Why should people who never have children be paying for the education of other people's children? What about personal responsibility?

If for some reason a parent could not teach their child, community schools could be formed, ran by the parents. Churches and charities could offer educational options.

Government education IS socialism, and most people want it! They do not want the tough choices and hard work of being responsible for their child's education.

The average cost in 2006 was $9,391 PER YEAR to educate a ONE child. This is insane! Absolutely insane! Do you have any idea what a small community school could do with a fraction of that? Do you know what a home schooler could do with that???

We already have socialism in the form of government schools, as they take our taxes by force to shape and mold the children into whatever they want. A one -size-fits-all education that says we came from apes. Good grief!

They take our children from our homes for the majority of the day, for the majority of their childhood...and we (as a nation) celebrate it! Take the children from the home, give them to the Nanny State to teach, free women up to pour their lives into careers, and everyone can come home at the end of the day too exhausted to do much of anything other than vegging out in front of the TV...little interaction...little family time, thus a tearing down of the home.

And as the political season is upon us, what will be one of the most common issues? EDUCATION! It is a broken system and sucks our hard earned money in the name of the children. They will never have enough money (taxes) as long as we sit by and insist the government schools are a constitutional right. How about we read the Constitution for starters?


Happy Hermit (happilyhiddenhermit@gmail.com) said...

You do Realize that even though MOST of the educational system may be corrupt , not ALL of it is. and inch will still be an inch , sandpaper will be sandpaper , and a planer will be a planer. My husband is an educator , he didnt do it (get his education) to teach lies or socialism. He did it because he likes teaching wood's metals and architecture. I'm the one who listens as he tells me in anger about kids who dont know what an inch is , or dont know how to do math without a calculator.

He aments how funds are allotted to every department but his , how he finagels and frugalfies everything he does just so that his students will have the funds to buy the materials he needs.

His school may get funds , but I tell you he dosnt.

He is at work from 8-8 school may get out @ 3 , but he is there most nights till 8.

While his school may get money , where it goes is a mystery , because It sure dosnt get to the educators. The man spends on average 70 hours a week and half the weekend doing for his school , then half the summer he is working teaching adult @ college too.

He barely brings home 30k - a YEAR.

Remember that while the system may be broken , not everyone that is part of the system is out to get you or teach lies or hurt anyone.

My husband teaches the basics of the trade that even jests loved.

We fear that even this career will be eliminated to allocate monies for some other department.

My husbands not out to get anyone.
One day one of his students could be building your home , or designing your church , or doing the metalwork for your alters.

people forget this. They really do , and that bothers me.

Kathy, Jeff's Wife said...

Happy Hermit,

I did not attack the educators, it is the SYSTEM that is broken, it is broken because it is not natural nor constitutional.

What your husband is teaching there is not a lot of room for the socialistic rhetoric. I do have to take issue with teachers that teach science and history that are NOT based on truth and facts. That's not even touching all the garbage that is taught, sex ed, etc...

I know many good teachers in the government system, and they teach because they love teaching, but that does not mean the system is efficient or even right.

My point was that we Americans sit back and accept socialism in the form of government schools. It's an easy out for parents. They trust the system to do what is best for their child.

By no means am I against education, in fact I believe church schools or community schools are the way to go if one chooses not to home school.

In fact, what your husband is teaching is a MUCH NEEDED skill, which could probably be best taught in an apprenticeship situation. Let's say he had 30 students and they paid $10,000 directly to him. I bet he wouldn't need to "finagle and frugalfies" near as much. Let's say those students were his laborers? Wouldn't that be a win win situation?

He spends his hours 8-8 working? Obviously he has a love for teaching, as he should have. But how many hours a day are left for his family? That has to be hard on you and your children. Which is one of my points, THE SYSTEM tears down the family.

I am sorry you took this post so personally, it was not meant towards the educators, but the simple fact that the SYSTEM is socialistic...and we all pay for it in one way or another.

Be blessed,