Friday, November 20, 2009

There's no place like home...

We've had so many changes in our home over the last few months; my mother moving in, Olivia semi-moving out (home on the weekends), Josh moving out. Then funerals, out of town house guest, extra jobs, catering, video editing, marketing, dances, and daily life, I feel like my home is so un-kept. It is amazing how fast things can pile up and be neglected. I've been shuffling things from one spot to another.

This week we (Emma and I) have been taking it a bit slower and working through this house. De-cluttering, moving furniture, cleaning... We are working on giving my mother's room a make over while she is out of town to surprise her when she returns.

I have this constant struggle between making our home look comfortable and welcoming, yet I still need it to be a place of work. We always have sewing projects going, tons of computer work between Teaching Good Things, and Jeff's business; not to mention I need a place to keep video inventory and shipping supplies. With a small house how can I keep it homey feeling, yet practical? It's a constant struggle.

I love to look through homemaking magazines to get decorating ideas; but I've come to realize that a home full of people and productivity will NOT look like a Better Homes and Garden home, any more than I will look like a woman on the cover of a magazine. It's just not reality!

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Jeremiah and Stephenie said...

You are so right, Kathy! Thank you for reminding me of this fact as we head into the holidays. When I think back on the happy memories I have of the holidays with my family, it's not a picture in a magazine, but the joy of being with my family. I have two sick babies this weekend and am hosting Thanksgiving Dinner at our home next week. I have to cut myself some slack, remember what's important, and do what I can to create happy memories for my children and I'm positive that isn't going to look like some picture in a magazine!