Saturday, February 7, 2009

Making and Managing Money for Teens

Do your kids constantly ask you for money?

Do you ever hear, “I’m bored”?

Do your children spend money on foolish things that disappear in no time?

Do they spend money as fast as they can get it?

If so, then it is time that your child learns the value of a dollar and beings to earn his own.

When children work for their money

they value it so much more!

The best education a child can receive is from


while they are still under the guidance of their parents.

As parents you should encourage them to put their special talents to work for them.

Point out ways for them to use their mind and ability to create their own home business.

Making and Managing Money for Teens was written by an 18 year old with a true entrepreneurial spirit. Olivia Brodock shares simple, yet practical ways to make and manage money.

Olivia Brodock gives 45 suggestions that could get your child started on the road to being an entrepreneur.

Olivia and her family operate two family businesses from their home, and she has her own business; Southern Belle Bath Products. She has also authored the book Growing and Using Culinary Herbs.

Every young person has opportunities to make money all around them. They simply need to figure out what they are good at, or at the very least, what they are capable of doing. They need to identify the needs of others and figure out a way to fill that need and profit from it.

Making and Managing Money for Teens not only offers suggestions about how to make money, but it explains the importance of sharing, saving and spending money wisely.

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