Friday, February 27, 2009

Diligence in Fighting for our Rights as Parents

Do you ever sit in amazement and wonder how in the world we got to the point we are in our nation? Well personally I believe it is mainly because we have had it so good and have not been obeying God's commandments, and secondly we have not paid a lot of attention to how our "representatives" have been representing us!

So now it is time for the sleeping majority to wake up and be active, and that can take the form as a letter or two. :o) If you love your children and value your parental rights given by God listen to this.

Here is a direct link to JOIN THE FIGHT has also suggested we appeal to Glenn Beck to cover this issue on his widely-watched program. Here is an excerpt from their letter, with Beck's email address...below that is the email I sent. You could copy and send it with your name, or write your own, but I think this matter is one of those things we do not need to sit idly by and cross our fingers.

This is something to take action on--and these are easy actions. Please consider emailing and/or joining in the fight for your children.

"We want to carry the message to an even broader national audience through Fox News personality Glenn Beck. We believe we can get Michael Farris on his show if enough viewers email Mr. Beck and ask about the Parental Rights Amendment or the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Even if you do not watch his show, you can email him and push to get the message heard.

Please, before you close this email or move on to something else, take just a moment to email Mr. Beck at Tell him you think he should cover the Parental Rights Amendment, or tell him he should look into the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, or both. Urge him to have Michael Farris from on the program to discuss this issue.

We truly believe that together we can win this fight, but we need you to contact this national news program and help us get Mike Farris on the air!

Thank you so much for helping make history by passing the Parental Rights Amendment."


Michael Ramey

Director of Communicatons & Research

Mr. Beck,

I SO appreciate your stand for truth and common sense in a culture that seems to have lost all sense of its existence.

I am writing to urge you to consider covering the Parental Rights Amendment, to oppose the UN Treaty proposed by Barbara Boxer, an issue which threatens to greatly hinder our parental rights and possibly even criminalize us for passing on our religious values to our children.

This is one of the most dangerous proposals I've seen yet in this new administration, and I believe it is urgent that we fight it with all our might.

You might also consider inviting Michael Farris, of to appear on the show to discuss the matter.

Many thanks for considering this crucial topic.


Kathy Brodock

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