Saturday, January 10, 2009

Pill inventor slams ... pill

Here is a very interesting article.

Oh the mess of things we make when we reject God's plan.

Pill inventor slams ... pill

He described families who had decided against reproduction as "wanting
to enjoy their schnitzels while leaving the rest of the world to get
on with it."

The fall in the birth rate, he said, was an "epidemic" far worse, but
given less attention, than obesity. Young Austrians, he said, were
committing national suicide if they failed to procreate. And if it
were not possible to reverse the population decline they would have to
understand the necessity of an "intelligent immigration policy.

"Somebody above suspicion like Carl Djerassi ... is saying that each
family has to produce three children to maintain population levels,
but we're far away from that," he said.

********Kathy here: So if 3 were enough to MAINTAIN, what would 6-10
do, we would flourish and prosper, just as God commanded us to!*****

Read the whole story here:

I also posted about the movie Demographic Winter a few months ago. If
you have not watched that you need to. You can watch it for free online.

It's not about having 'one more baby'!!! It's all about obeying God.

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Paula said...

How are you able to watch that movie Demographic Winter online for free? I could not find a link on their site to watch the movie, just clips and trailers. Thanks for the help!