Sunday, January 25, 2009

How to Make an Ice Ring

Ice rings are a simple and elegant touch to any punch bowl.

You can use an ice ring pan or a bunt pan. I like bunt pans because they are deeper, which makes a thicker ring that will not melt as quickly.

Place fruit, pineapple, cherries, grapes, strawberries, edible flowers, mint leaves, etc... to fill about a third of the pan. Pour just enough punch or water to cover the fruit. Don't fill past the fruit, it will cause the fruit to float; you want it all to be settled in the bottom.

Place in freezer until frozen.

Add an inch of punch or water at a time and freeze. Repeat until pan is full. If you add too much punch/water at once it will cause the ring to float.

With this ring after the fruit and first layer were frozen in, I added a bunch of ice cubes and filled the rest with water.

Let the ring sit at room temperature for 20 minutes and it should slide right into the punch bowl. You can also set it in water for a few minutes.

One thick ice ring will last for about 2 hours.

You can make your rings weeks ahead of time and store them in bags in the freezer until party time.

Other things that can be added to an ice ring:
Mint Leaves
Orange Rind
Lemon Rind
Lime Rind
Rose Petals

Think COLOR!

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