Saturday, December 6, 2008

Make It, Give It or Sell It- Snowballs

Lay freezer paper down, shinny side up to work on. You could also use wax paper.

Melt candle wax or paraffin wax in a double boiler on med-high heat. Do not melt on high.

Cut wicks about 6 inches. If you are not using wicks that are already wax coated you need to dip them in your melted wax and let dry.

Melt wax. Add candle fragrance if desired.

Add a small amount of wax to a wick, let cool a little bit more.

Squeeze wax around wick.

Fork more 'fluffed' wax around he base. Get it about half the size you want and let it harden a bit, while it is still warm you may need to reshape it. Add more 'fluffed' wax to make it the size you want.

Trim wick to 1-2 inches above top of snowball.

I buy the 10 pound slab of wax from Hobby Lobby when it is half off

I have 5 of snowballs for sale, unscented for $6 each, plus shipping.

This is similar to the snowball, just shaping it differently, adding small twigs for the arms, a strip of fabric for the scarf, and cloves for the eyes and mouth..

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