Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Pictures

Christmas Day

Emma made the place settings.

We had the honor of the King family for the afternoon, with the exception of their husband/dad as he is serving in Iraq.

It was so nice to have some small children around.

I can't wait for grandchildren. You can join us in prayer for Godly mates for our children.

The King Family is who Olivia has been traveling some with this year.

Aren't they ADORABLE?!

Christmas Night

Dirty Dish Duty
The day after Christmas (today) we had the Richards' Family over for supper.

Just as the Richards pulled up Jeff was called out with the fire department to a car accident, and was gone over 3 hours. (I will rant about drunk drivers soon!) Mrs. Richards was home sick. We had a good time visiting and eating the meal of venison that Olivia and Emma prepared. That's my mother in purple.
After Mr. Richards went home the kids decided to stick around and play a LOUD game of Pictionary!

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