Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sausage Stuffing

These measurements are approximate, you can adjust to your taste. This batch of dressing was about 30 servings.

Brown about 2 pounds of bulk Italian Sausage, drain grease.

Chop 5-6 stalks of celery and a few onions.

Saute the onions and celery with a pound of mushrooms, just until slightly tender.

Add salt, pepper, ground sage, parsley and rosemary (sage is the key!).

Add the onion mixture to the sausage, stir well.

Melt a stick of butter and add turkey (or chicken) broth to the butter.

You can use store bought breadcrumbs, or make your own.
We had a BUNCH of hot dog buns left over from a get together,
so I chopped them up for the stuffing.
I used 3-4 packages for this batch.

Add the sausage mixture to the bread. Mix it up good.

Pour the broth/butter in slowly, mixing until all the bread is moist.
Don't add too much, you don't want soup.

Butter (or oil) your baking pan; pour stuffing in pan. You can also use a roasting bag (saves A LOT of clean up), or a crock pot. Bake on 300 for 1 hour, until hot all through.

Great with turkey or chicken!!!
This freezes well.
Make a double/triple batch and free some.

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Dana said...

This looks yummy--except for the mushrooms. I'd have to leave those out.

My sister always makes the "dressing" (as we who are north of the Mason-Dixon line say) and everyone's crazy over it. It's never the same twice, so you never know what to expect, except that it's GOOD--except for the year she used oysters!

Anyway, I thought it had to have eggs in it so it would set up. Do you ever put eggs in it?