Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ya gotta listen to this...

I know our topic is meeting the needs of the orphans this week, but to be able to do that successfully we need to have our home base covered, with strong marriages, functional homes and living to the glory of God. THEN we can reach out to the needs of orphans.

I listened to this is a great broadcast this morning and I just have to share it!!! It is worth taking 20 minutes to listen to.

During Kevin Swanson's broadcast he interviews Scott Brown. I just read his article on Motherhood this morning. Very encouraging!

The beauty and power of home life is hard to overestimate. Godly women are called to take responsibility for this realm. In doing so, they build homes with an investment in labor and love for beauty and stability that would make a home a center of the ministry of the church; a source of peace for all who enter there; a place of hospitality. The home is the fountain of society, and the spring from which flows the members of the church, the ranks of business and the citizens of the realm. So please understand how important home life really is even when so many do not value it. The Sarah Palin’s of this world are the wrong role models. They defeat what is beautiful and good and lead a host of followers to do the same.

Read the whole article here.

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