Friday, September 12, 2008

Tracy's Review

Tracy posted a wonderful review of my Basic Cake Decorating DVD.

For several years, I've been planning for Courtney and I to take basic cake decorating classes from the local craft store. Time and circumstance never allowed for it, and so here we are, almost 20 years of cakes later, and we're still trying to squeeze in classes.

I love technology! I would have never thought about learning from a DVD (I can now, even while I'm still home and the littles are napping)!

When we first watched the DVD, we were amazed! There were many techniques that used to look very complicated. Mrs. Brodock slowly breaks them down step-by-step allowing viewers to see the process. The close-up shots of each step, really let you see how each is done. I found myself thinking more than once, "ahhh, I can do this!".

Hop on over to her blog and read the rest of the review.

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