Monday, September 15, 2008

The Calling of Adoption

As I mentioned last time, we are all given callings in life to be used for God's glory and to serve others, and often those callings change with the seasons of life. Many callings are not what we would choose, but God brings them to us and He requires us to receive that calling with praise.

Adoption is one calling that every Christian should at least prayerfully consider. Don't automatically assume that it is not for you.

I LOVE this sermon by John Piper on the topic of adoption. All through the sermon he parallels God's adoption of us through Christ, and an earthly adoption of orphans. Even if God never opens the door of adoption for you this sermon will help you see God in a beautiful way; it will also encourage you to come along side others who are or have adopted.

Be sure you listen to the whole version, not the excerpts.

When people embrace the pain and joy of children rather than using abortion or birth control simply to keep children away, the worth of Christ shines more visibly.
The deepest and strongest foundation of adoption is located not in the act of humans adopting humans, but in God adopting humans.

~John Piper

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Julie said...

God allowed us to adopt all five of our children from fostercare. What a blessing they are and how amazing to know that God hand picked them for me even before I knew about them.
Sometimes the task seems overwhelming, but I know in the long run it has brought me closer to God as I learn to lean on Him everyday. :)