Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Too busy to blog much..

There is an orchard about a mile from us that will let us pick the apples that are on the ground for free. :o)
Jeff and the girls spent Saturday morning doing that with another neighbor. Only down side was that Jeff hurt his back.

Apples for pie this winter!
We don't eat much pie but I like to take them to the neighbors and to folks when there is sickness...everyone loves a warm apple pie!

Great to put in apple cake or apple bread.

The girls have also spent a couple days making apple cider with an elderly neighbor.
I'll post those pictures tomorrow!

Sweet Corn (another great deal Jeff got)

Between our garden and beans picked from the Huie's garden there was plenty to can.

Monday we hit the blueberry patch.

We picked 5 gallons of berries for $20...quite a bargain!

The larger jars are berries for pies.

The smaller ones are jam.
Most of these will be given away as Christmas gifts along with a towel.

Last winter was probably one of the hardest winters we have ever been through. I did not can anything last year except for some jam and I regretted it something awful! We live in a very fertile, productive part of the country, there is no excuse on my part for not making the time to can. This time of the year neighbors are always sharing of their bounty, we are truly blessed. Tomorrow we will go pick tomatoes for $4 a box...that is CHEAP! Then it will take us a couple of days to get them canned for sauce and make salsa. :o)


Dana said...

Yippee for you! It all looks wonderful.

We picked peaches yesterday for FREE!!! I'll have photos on my blog tomorrow.


Shannon said...

Hi! We live in the same neck of the woods, in fact I'm quite certain we have met. Could you tell me where you pick blueberries and tomatoes? You've inspired me to do some canning!

Mama Hen said...

Yum, yum! Our garden is coming in and there is a lot to do right now. Yesterday I froze 25 quarts of green beans and we will pick more tonight. Jelly making time is right around the corner for me too.