Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pros and Cons of Canning

Here is a little of what we've done today. Tomatoes are probably the sloppiest thing to can.

A reader of our Teaching Good Things blog asked the following questions:
I have been wondering what are the pros and cons for canning and
freezing. I froze our blueberries. I picked some pears from my MIL's
tree and am freezing them. I was considering canning but not sure what
is better. I am new to all of this and if there is a book you suggest
or a website to read I would appreciate it! I am in awed that you
picked 5 gallons! It took 1.5 hrs to pick 2 gallons!


First of all, the only reason we were able to pick so many berries in about 2 hours was because Jeff was with us. He is amazing at everything he does! So that made 4 of us picking. :o) Many hands makes the load light!

We choose to can most everything because we do not have a big freezer. But even if we did I think we'd can anyway. We like the way canned produce taste, the only down side is the extra sugar in the fruits. Canned items will last longer than frozen. Canned food takes longer to preserve and may cost a little more to get started. With freezing there is the issue of prolonged power outage and the possibility of loosing everything. We do freeze some things, like some berries for smoothies. :o)

My favorite canning site is Pick Your Own

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