Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Handiwork is About Being Useful!

I understand the struggle for time to learn a new skill and then finding time to improve on it, but it really is important that we make this a part of our life, especially while our children are young, because us Moms know how much harder it is to learn once we have a husband, home, and children. I guess that is why I am so passionate about teaching these practical skills to young people. We must redeem the time!

Now that I am a little older ;o) and I know how to crochet for example, I can do it to relax, it's not a strain on my brain, it's more like a second nature. My family will tell you I never sit down to watch a movie with them unless I have something in my hands to work on. I find so much satisfaction in creating something. When I give something I have made to someone and they love it, to me that is worth more than what money can buy!

Leaning handiwork is just as important as any academic subject.

Dana left this comment yesterday in response to Rebekah's comment. This just goes to prove that handiwork is NOT about busyness, but about purpose and productivity.

On a related note, my grandmother is in an assisted living facility. She never learned to do much with her hands, except cook. When she was first admitted, she was depressed and complained ALL THE TIME! Then they started letting her roll the flatware in the napkins before meals. Suddenly, she had a purpose, something to look forward to that she could still do. Now she's' much happier, joins in with other activities and LOVES making things with her hands! She's always sporting a new necklace she's made, or showing off something they've all crafted together.

I remember about 15 years ago Grandma saying she wished she'd learned to make something useful when she was younger so she could pass the skills and hand down items to my generation. She regretted that she never learned to do any handiwork.
May we all be willing to use our skills to bless others and to experience the blessings of being productive!


Leslie said...

Hi Kathy,

I am new to your blog. (I first posted yesterday for your DVD giveaway....)
Thank you for today's is so important to hear these words in a world that bombards us with so much "work" that involves just being busy without being productive for our families or glorifying to our LORD.

Thanks again~

Dana said...



Tammy said...

Oh, I agree. Handiwork is so much more than just the finished object! :-)