Friday, June 20, 2008

Frugal Flower Arranging

I'm not crazy about silk flowers but I like dried flowers. Here is a quick and EASY flower arrangement. Last week while we were at Michaels I checked out the dried flowers and found several that I liked on clearance, I spent under $3 for all these flowers.

I used a container and oasis I already had; glued them together.

I stuck the tall rosebud looking flowers on top and glued some Spanish moss to cover the oasis.
(Ignore the blue flowers in the background, they were actually live
flowers that were on the picnic table behind this!)

Then I stuck in some smaller pink baby's breath looking flowers (maybe it's heather?).

These white flowers were only 50 cents. They are glued on.

The finished product sitting on the piano.
Something tall, something different and summery looking!
I actually saw something similar in a Martha Stewart magazine,
although her's looked much better!

My Frugal Friday tip, check out the dried flowers section for the marked down flowers.


Jane said...

Love it!! Could we add a flower arranging class to domestic day camp next year?

BarbaraLee said...

Do they get as dusty as silk flowers do?