Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pillars Fashioned as for a Palace

Let our... daughters be as corner pillars fashioned as for a palace;
Psalm 144

Think about how important the pillars of a palace are. Pillars hold the roof up and they connect the walls.

Think about the home. It is the woman that keeps it together, it is the domain God gave us. It is the woman that keeps everyone connected. There is a reason in Titus 2 that God says women are to be Keepers at Home, God designed us that way!

Right now my most pressing priority, other than serving my husband, is to make sure that my daughters are being fashioned for a palace. I want them strong in the faith so they can stand when the storms hit, so they can know truth from a lie, so they can share the Truth with others. I want them strong in academics so they can teach the next generation. I want them strong with practical skills to make their palace run smoothly and to be able to meet the needs of others. I want to encourage them to work on their inner beauty and not be caught up in vanity. There is so much for us to be doing to equip our daughters. Most of all, I need to be still and pray for them, and to lead by example, and THAT's the hard part!

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Dana said...

Amen on the "leading by example" part. It's amazing to me how much my littles pick up on my example during everyday encounters.

I'm sure I've read that verse before, but never really thought about it. I hope I'm a good example of what a pillar should be.