Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Opportunities for Edification?

Words are so powerful! It is amazing how saying the simplest thing can bless someone (well it does me anyway). I have sold many Cake Decorating DVDs and I have some really good reviews. But most people you're not likely to hear from, unless they are disappointed. Yesterday, I received this in my inbox and it just made my day. Actually, to me it was worth more than the profit off the video!

I wonder how many opportunities for edification I miss giving out to someone that could really use an encouraging word?


We received your cake decorating DVD a couple weeks ago and watched
it two times. Today, we decorated our first cake since watching the
DVD and WOW! Our cake turned out fantastic. Usually the cakes we
make look VERY homemade. But, not this time! Grandpa is going to be
very pleased when he sees this birthday cake!

Thank you,

Carol and Sarah Lamb

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