Sunday, May 4, 2008


Anyone that knows Olivia KNOWS that southern history is one of her deepest passions.

She believes that it is her personal responsibility to educate everyone she comes in contact with true history!!!
If you dare to watch the evening news with Olivia in the room be prepared for lots of HEAVY sighs of frustration, outburst of aggravation with arms waving as she stomps out of the room...ranting!

We try to keep her away from the TV during the politically correct news hour!
This is for the sake of others in the house and her blood pressure!
And I won't tell you what it is like living with her during election years ,
I just ask you pray for us!

She loves to talk history and politics, even to the point that at all cost, her friends try to stay off the topic of current events.
Emma will warn people, "Pleeeeease don't get her going!" lol...

She believes women have a powerful roll in building God's Kingdom as they help their husbands be known in the gates and as they nurture and educate future statesmen. :o) She agrees with the saying, 'Behind every good man is a good woman.'

She believes and lives out the truth that God made man and woman very different,
they are equal, yet have different purposes.
She LOVES being a lady, she rejoices in being feminine.

It is amazing how God has given her a heart of wisdom. Her of love for the south and truth, even though ALL of her family are Northerners is downright hilarious sometimes! lol Well, except for her little sis, Emma. They were both born in the south and Olivia claims hold of that with all her being! lol... Can you say "Tara!!!" (from Gone with the Wind)

P.S. The spot on her left cheek is a sign of a real southern lady...POISON IVY from working in a flowerbed!


Dana said...

Lovely photos of a lovely girl!


Anonymous said...

The pictures of Olivia are great. She makes a great SOUTHERN BELLE


Anonymous said...

If you think Olivia is bad with the news. Just ask Dana about me and the news. I have a passion for the true history also. Not the politically correct stuff being taught. These pictures are Great.

Dixie said...

WOW... Sounds like me! Good for her! I can't listen to the TV. And I too am a descendant of Yankee soldiers, and my family is from the north--but not me. I'm from SC, and proud of it.
I understand everything you said. We need more girls like that!!!