Saturday, May 3, 2008

Hospitality and More Cake Pictures

Last night we had a little get-together at a friend's house and had a WONDERFULLY relaxing time. The older children kept an eye on the little ones, the men gathered in the kitchen (isn't this one of their favorite rooms? lol) and the ladies gathered on the screened in porch and laughed the evening away! What a blessing to have fellowship where you can relax and be yourself and where the children (ranging from 2-18) know how to be kind, get a long and look out for each other!

Sometimes we can get all caught up in 'having company over', get the house spotless, yard manicured and a huge spread of food and miss the whole point of hospitality! Our fiends served a nice salad and had Dominos Pizza. All of which freed her up to (at least appear) to be rested and relaxed. I know personally I can cook all day and be too tired to TRULY enjoy my company! Yes, their house was clean and beautiful, the food was good, but most memorable was the relaxed, comfortable attitudes. And I for one appreciated an evening to have girl talk and LAUGH!

Thank you dear friends!

I finally posted some new pictures on my CAKE BLOG, I wonder if I will ever have time to QUILT again???

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