Saturday, May 24, 2008

Having a Vision

When I look back over my life, what I 'knew' I wanted as a teenager and what my goals were for a 'good' life in the early years of our marriage, compared to what I know and want now are night and day! I was never taught a Biblical world view, so everything I wanted revolved around ME! Every area of my life was what "I" thought was right and true.

My oh my, how God has gently brought me to the place that I examine everything through a Biblical set of glasses now, and I'm sure He has alot more to show me.

Probably about 10 years ago we came across Vision Forum. It TOTALLY revolutionized our way of thinking. I will be forever in debt to Doug Phillips' for his boldness. I only wish I had had the VISION, a Biblical world view when I was younger, but that too was God's choosing, as He is the One that gives us eyes to see.

I AM thankful that our children are growing up learning to examine their lives through God's Word and not whatever 'they think' is right.

Right now Vision Forum is running a 50% OFF special on a new video series they have released.

How do you teach a shy daughter to go outside of herself? How do you gain a passion for evangelism and effectively witness to the lost? How do you answer critics who pit Jamestown’s providential beginnings against Plymouth’s? How do you cultivate a spirit of honor in your children?

These and other important questions are answered in Vision Forum’s new Reclaiming the Culture DVD Collection. This engaging seven-part video series — which features messages by Ray Comfort, Doug Phillips, Dr. Paul Jehle, and Geoffrey, Anna Sofia, and Elizabeth Botkin — is designed to dispel worldly myths that undermine biblical womanhood, honor, evangelism, and America’s providential history and to recapture these priorities in a way that reflects God’s Word and gives hope to our children. Watch previews online of each of the seven videos in the Reclaiming the Culture Collection.

Save 50% on New DVD Collection — Offer Ends May 30

Now through Friday, May 30, you can purchase the Reclaiming the Culture DVD Collection, comprised of seven newly-released family DVDs, for just $52 (50% off individual retail). This comes to just $7.42 per DVD for this entire collection. Sale ends at Midnight, May 30, 2008 (CST).

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