Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Movies That Make You Think

We only get 2 and sometimes 3 stations on our TV, and most of that is not fit to watch. Renting videos can be expensive and after walking out of the video store I feel like I need to go repent or something because of all the trash you have to weed through to find something decent. We have been using Netflix since December. Netflix has thousands of movies, including a ton of documentaries and family movies.

I love to watch movies that make you think. Lately we've seen a few really good ones. Last night we watched Brother Son and Sister Moon. Now this movie has a real 60s, maybe 70s feel to it, but the story is beautiful. This is the story of St. Francis of Assisi and his rejection of a life of wealth and luxury, and his decision to live as Christ, helping 'the least of these'. There are a couple of nude scenes (back side), but it does show alot of symbolism. Our kids are older now, so we just asked them to close their eyes. lol This movie kept all of us still ***thinking*** and talking today!

Tonight after family worship, we watched The Mission. GREAT MOVIE! Another one that really makes you think, and most definitely makes you count your blessings. This takes place in 1750 South America, shot on location. There is alot of native nudity, so this is not for the young children. In the end you will be challenged in how you view service to the Lord. It also provoked good conversation after the movie about why there are times you must take up arms to defend and protect. There is an incredible redemption scene. The ending is heart breaking, but it is also part of why we are here! I'll bet we'll be talking about this movie for a few days.

We don't usually watch much TV, but these movies have really been a blessing. Now that our children are older our conversations are so much deeper. It is truly exciting when you see the light bulbs come on for them, and what is even more exciting is when they make connections that you missed. I miss my children being little, but I sure am enjoying this stage too! God is good all the time!

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