Thursday, April 3, 2008

Looking for Family Reunion Ideas

We live in Alabama, most of our family lives in upstate New York. We have not been to a family reunion in about 20 years, and it's been awhile since the folks up there have gotten together. Several of us have decided to get the reunions going again. So, I am looking for ideas. I've put up a website for our family to share pictures, names, events and reunion info.

If you have any good ideas for family reunions please leave me a comment.



Dana said...

This is more of what NOT to do...

My mom's family has a reunion every fall. It seems that a lot of (ok, most of) the people sit with their immediate family and don't mingle! I think we need to have some kind of "mixer" or common thing to do. Some ideas were to have a huge paper on the wall with the basics of a family tree on it. Each person could go to the wall to fill in the parts of the family tree that they know. It could later be put into a program like "Family Tree Maker" and printed for everyone.

You could ask people to bring photo albums to put on a table for all to see. One of my great aunts has a lot of OLD family photos. She scanned them for me after the reunion and emailed them. I did the same for her.

In fact, getting email addresses for everyone is a good way to stay in touch.

Sending out postcards or email postcards with the date and time is a good reminder. I think it's good to send one out early so people can save the date, then one about 3 weeks or so before the event just as a reminder.

Have color coded nametags. Each branch of the family tree (depending on the size of your family) needs a color marker to write their name. The colors show which line you belong to.

Another idea is to have people write on the nametags how they are related to one central person. For example, if everyone there is a decendant of Billy Bob Smith have them write their name and then how they are related to Billy Bob. Mine might say "Dana Street--Billy Bob's great grandaughter". That gives others an idea of where you fit in and can help with conversation with those you don't know.

Another idea is to set up some kind of photo area and try to designate someone to take snapshots of each family. You could put them on the website or add them to the printed family tree I mentioned above.

Little kids need something to do so the adults can socialize. Having the reunion near some area for the kids to play helps. I know that I love taking my kids and having them meet everyone, but they are soon bored. If they don't have anything to do, I'll be miserable and leave early. Just some frisbees or bubbles might do the trick.

Ok, I've written a book! Hope your reunion goes well!


Kathy, Jeff's Wife said...

GREAT ideas Dana! THANK YOU!