Thursday, April 17, 2008

Less is Best

Jeff has had a couple of days this week available to get the new flooring laid in the kitchen and repair a place in the kitchen ceiling. I figured I needed to give the cabinets a coat of paint before he did that, which means all the trim needs a coat... then I figured the pantry needed to be painted too. Jeff needed to add a board to the back of the pantry...then I had the GREAT idea..."Honey, can WE just take those shelves out and make a wall?" He hesitated, but got busy doing all of that...then we needed to add new sheet rock. Anyone share my HATRED for sheet rock dust??? Because of the new wall I had to go get paint to match the rest of the kitchen...I only needed a quart. The lady said she couldn't mix "that" in a quart. Needless to say I changed the whole color and we had to paint the whole kitchen again...those that know me know this is no surprise. lol

So a simple little job like laying floor covering turned into a HUGE job that all of us have worked ALL day...all week on. Emma has become quite the painter. It is so great that our children are now old enough and skilled enough to do the work of an adult! Many hands makes the load light!

I am convinced that the less stuff one possesses, the more one can enjoy in their home. I love pretty things, but it takes way too long to keep them in order and clean. A few much loved items in an orderly, clean home is better than a dirty and cluttered house where there is so much STUFF that you cannot enjoy the beauty!

I think I will wait about approaching Jeff to "paint" the sewing/computer room! :o) At least until the memory of this week fades a bit! I love my man!!!

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